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Annual license of the Program Geo's software package for Windows (TM).

Display the list of the programs included in the software package.

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199,00 €

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What’s the Program Geo's annual license?

It’s a temporary license which allows the Customer to use for a whole year, since its activation and without limits, our software package, including all the programs listed in the Software page. The license has an annual duration and the Customer will able to renew it when it’ll be expired.

What’re the advantages of this kind of license?

  1. The price, 199.00 euro, is surely competitive, compared to other offers.

  2. Renewing the license, the Customer will always have the last program versions.

  3. The new programs, annually developed, will be automatically added to our package, enhancing our offer.

  4. It allows to save 20% on the price list for the not-expiring licenses. For example, with the purchase of the programs  CPT4 and CPTu4 and having an active annuale license, it can to save: euro 490.00+490.00=980.00 x 20% = euro 196.00