What is the Program Geo's annual license?

It is a temporary license which allows the Customer to use for a whole year, since its activation and without limits, our software package, including all the programs listed in the Software page. The license has annual duration and the Customer will able to renew it when it will be expired.

What are the advantages of this sort of license?

  1. The price, 219.00 euro, is surely competitive, compared to other offers.
  2. Renewing the license, the Customer will always have the last program versions.
  3. The new programs, annually developed, will be automatically added to our package, enhancing our offer.
  4. It allows to save 20% on the price list for the unlimited licenses.


Processing of  penetrometer tests: SPT, DP, CPT and CPTu;
computation methods for hydrogeology;
computation methods for hydrology;
rock mechanics;
design of drainage systems (vertical and horizontal drainage);
empirical, analytical and numeric methods for seismic microzonation;
analysis of soil liquefaction risk in seismic condition;
geophysics (MASW, ReMi, down-hole, SCPTU and HVSR);
processing of plate loading test data;
processing of inclinometer probe data;
analysis of solid discharge in water channels;
processing of the characteristic values of geotechnical parameters;
design of hydraulic invariance systems (detention basins, inlfitration wells, draining trenches);
rock and soil slope stability;
sizing of shallow and deep foundation;
sizing of retaining, gabion and reinforced walls and sheet pile walls.


Program Geo was founded in 1992 in order to develop and market software running under Windows operating system in the branches of Geotechnics, Rock mechanics, Geophisics, Hydrology and Hydrogeology. The available programs are grown during the years to cover the necessities of who operates in these sectors (Geologists and Geotechnical Engineers).

Our softwares are costantly update to follow the most recent theoretical developments in the respective sectors, to guarantee an evolved commercial product, flanked by an accurate and exhaustive technical assistance.