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Annual license of the Program Geo's software package for Windows (TM) (40 programs included). NEW LICENSE

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299,00 €

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What is the Program Geo's annual license?

It is a temporary license which allows the Customer to use for a whole year, since its activation and without limits, our software package, including all the programs listed in the Software page. The license has an annual duration and the Customer will able to renew it when it will be expired.

What are the advantages of this kind of license?

  1. The price, 299.00 euro, is surely competitive, compared to other offers.
  2. Updating the license, the Customer will always have the last program versions.
  3. The new programs, annually developed, will be automatically added to our package, enhancing our offer.
  4. It allows to save 20% on the price list for the unlimited licenses.

List of the programs included in the annual license:

Adgeo : analysis of pollutant spread in a phreatic aquifer.

Armageo: design of reinforced earth walls.

B-rock3: stability analysis of rock slopes.

Cpt : processing of cone penetration test (c.p.t.) with begemann cone.

Cptu : processing of cone penetration test (c.p.t.) with piezocone.

DB: Sizing of sheet pile walls.

Dreni : design of draining filter, vertical and horizontal drains and draining trenches.

Fad1d : analysis of seismic amplification through numerical method.

Gbmuri : gabion walls.

Geoav: groundwater vulnerability assessment by drastic and sintacs methods.

Geodigit : processing of inclinometer probe measurements.

Geohole : down-hole test processing.

Geohvsr : horizontal to vertical spectral ratio (hvsr) data processing.

Geohzero: seismic hazard of buildings by f.s.r.(floor spectral ratio) technique.

Geomasw : multichannel analysis of surface waves (m.a.s.w.) data processing.

Geopiastra : analysis of plate-load test.

Georemi : refraction microtremor (re.mi) data processing.

Geoscptu : scptu processing.

Geoshields : solid discharge analysis in water channels.

Geostat : processing of level curves and clivometric maps.

Green : estimating critical rainfalls for landslide activation by green & ampt's model.

Invidra : design of hydraulic invariance systems.

Ipk3 : calculation procedures for hydrogeology.

Kappageo : characteristic values of geotechnical parameters.

Liquef : methods for the analysis of soil liquefaction in seismic condition.

Lithos3d : processing of tridimensional model of the soil ground.

Masco2d : 2d simulation of rockfalls.

Mecrocce : rock mechanics.

Muri : retaining walls.

Piena : mehtods for the hydrology.

Piena3d : hydraulic checking of channel sections.

Prof3: capacity and settlements of pile groups.

Protef : processing of safety zones of pumping wells.

Qsb3d : geotechnical analysis of shallow foundations (3d).

Qsb2d : geotechnical analysis of shallow foundations (2d).

Qsbrock2d : geotechnical analysis of shallow foundations on rock (2d).

R-block :assessment of hazard indices in a rock mass.

Scpt : analysis of standard penetration test (s.p.t.) and continuous dynamic probings.

Sevcon : processing vertical electric surveys.

Sisma: methods for seismic microzonation.

Soils3: stability analysis of soil slope.

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