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Rblock (not expiring license)

Rblock (not expiring license)


Assessment of hazard indices in a rock mass – ver.2 (english version)

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R-block allows to process a distribution map of the hazard indices in a rock mass, using, as topographic base, a D.T.M. (Digital Terrain Model) based on an Arc/Info ASCII grid.

Inside each area, individuated by the (i,j), (i+1,j), (i+1,j+1), (i,j+1) nodes, the maximum dip and the dip direction have to be assessed. Then, to every area, the geomechanical parameters of the closest measurement station are to be assigned. Hazard indices are calculated with respect to three kinds of rock landslide: toppling failure, planar sliding and block sliding. The higher index is assigned to the examined area.

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Dopo avere scaricato e installato il file, inviare a info@programgeo.it l'ID del computer che si trova all'interno della finestra Attivazione licenza nella cartella Program Geo sul desktop.

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